Future I S Consulting
Our experience spans more than 30 years in financial IT and the following solutions:
Core banking systems
    • i-Flex's FLEXCUBE core banking system (2004-06!)
    • Unisys Global Wholesale Banking System
    • Unisys Global Wholesale Banking System - LINC II
    • Unisys FBA Urbis banking system
    • Retail branch accounting system
    • Bespoke commercial loans administration system
    • mpct's Atlas (formerly Internet Banking Systems)
    • Trace Financial's Blue Chip stock-broking back office
    • SAP Banking Services 5.0 / 6.0

Middle office
    • ADS Global Trader
    • Reuters Kondor+

Cheque clearing
    • Unisys Item Processing System (V Series)
    • Unisys S and DP Series of document and image processing systems and branch document processors

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