Future I S Consulting
Post-Implementation Review Workshop and Report
A facilitated workshop for 10 to 20 people to review project or phase completion and document the remaining action items, lessons learnt and best practice that can be applied in future.
"Many thanks for your help with my project's PIR. Both sessions were very useful, they met my aims for the sessions, and the write up is excellent."
"It was a pleasure working with you to deliver the PIR - you made life very easy organisation-wise and performed the facilitator role with professionalism."
Feasibility study
Conduct a feasibility study to investigate a business situation and determine what options exist.  If there are many of these, steering may be needed before options are developed further.  Each option that is taken forward will be developed in terms of business case, planning and risk assessment, so that recommendations can be made. 
In the PRINCE2 methodology, the preferred way to conduct a feasibility study is as a separate project that concludes with submission of recommendations. The project to implement the recommendations then starts with a straightforward set of initial project information, with scope and expected costs already defined.
"John provided tremendous support to a time critical feasibility study for a mandatory project.  His approach helped significantly reduce risks through excellent planning techniques and his breadth of experience to support issue resolution.  The feasibility study was a joint production with the Bank's study leader, and was highly acclaimed for quality and on- time delivery.  A pleasure to work with."
If you have a requirement for a Post-Implementation Review or a Feasibility Study, please contact us or use the Request form.

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